Senior QA Auditor

Job Description

Want a chance to work for one of the largest Food Companies in the UK? One of the best employers too!!

We are seeking an experienced Senior QA Auditor...duties as follows.... 

Ensuring the monitoring of Food Safety and Quality are carried out on a day to day basis.    To understand the importance of ensuring all statutory (industry guidelines), legal, food safety, & customer requirements are met and ensuring staff under



  1. To conduct online quality & food safety audits ensuring personnel online are fully aware of their responsibilities and the customers’ requirements.
  2. Conduct training and offer advice to shop floor personnel in the event of quality or food safety issues.
  3. Ensuring all audits are carried out effectively, correctly to specified schedule.
  4. Ensuring all Quality Assurance duties are carried out to specified frequencies.
  5. Ensuring all QA personnel/production are adhering to all company procedures, informing the relevant Hierarchy where not.
  6. Ensuring that the HACCP system is being followed throughout the site and that personnel are challenged on CCP’s
  7. Ensuring on prompt responses to any Food Safety issues raised and informing the relevant personnel/Hierarchy.
  8. Conduct process audits ensuring all practices are adhered to specifications, legislation and customer requirements.
  9. Ensuring all QA staff are trained/ refreshed and fully competent in all applicable procedures.
  10. Conduct appraisals on team with the assistance from your QA supervisor.
  11. To trouble shoot/problem solve where necessary
  12. To be aware of any new or updated procedures and to ensure they are communicated to the relevant personnel.
  13. Training and mentoring the QA Auditor.
  14. Carry out regular audits on all Quality Assurance/ production documentation and report any issues to the relevant personnel
  15. Carry out weekly audits in all areas to monitor the performance of QA team.
  16. Provide cover for QA Technicians in the event of sickness/absence and carry out their duties as per their job scope.
  17. To carry out any other duties outside the scope outlined above, as requested via the QA Supervisor/Quality Controller/Technical Controller.

Hours of work are Monday to Friday - 6am-2pm and 2pm-10pm following a weekly rotating shift pattern. You are also required to attend work in line with a formal weekend rota.